Hierbas de Ibiza Sales de Bano Bath Salts (12.3 oz)
Hierbas de Ibiza Sales de Bano Bath Salts with box
Hierbas de Ibiza Sales de Bano Bath Salts (12.3 oz)
Hierbas de Ibiza Sales de Bano Bath Salts with box
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Sales de Bano Bath Salts

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Size 12.3 oz
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There is no substitute for a summer dip in Ibiza’s crystalline waters, but HIERBAS DE IBIZA Bath Salts will bring the healthy properties of sea bathing back to your home, at any times of year, wherever you live.

Made from the precious salt of ‘Las Salinas’ (Ibiza’s salt flats) which were harvested and praised by the Phoenicians in 700 B.C. This salt is a natural treasure of outstanding purity: the intense sun and rich ecosystem peculiar to Ibiza’s seawater - the marine fields of Posidonia seaweed have been declared a World Natural Heritage Site by Unesco - gives them a unique salt due to the high concentration of its elements.
A handful of bath salts under a gush of water is enough to bring your bath to life, flooding it with the unmistakable fragrance of HIERBAS DE IBIZA. Rediscover the pleasure of a good bath and enjoy its therapeutic, cosmetic and relaxing qualities. Housed in a jar that mimics the ointment flasks used by the ancient coastal Mediterranean townships.

The fragrance is inspired by the myth of the island of Ibiza and the fragrance represents it's unique lifestyle and personality. HIERBAS DE IBIZA is only made from natural oils and ingredients and does not contain any artifical additions.

HIERBAS DE IBIZA is the fresh and clean air of the island, as well as the energizing celebration of the White Nights and the magic and sacred land of the Antique.

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Sea Salt, Fragrance, D&C Yellow #10

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
If you have been lucky enough to visit Ibiza, you will know of the virtues of this magic island, where the maxim "live and let live" is particularly meaningful. Hierbas de Ibiza, in the entire spectrum of its execution, seeks to be harmonious with the spirit of Ibiza, a land in which Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, to name a few, have dwelled and that still today receives visitors from all over the world. The fragrance Hierbas de Ibiza, composed of herbs and plants of Ibiza, finds its real definition and inspiration in the simplicities of this universe of freedom that is Ibiza.

Genuine and inimitable, the fresh signature scent HIERBAS DE IBIZA is our star creation. Concentrated in its flask you will find the unique aromas of this privileged Mediterranean island. Transparent and luminous, its exquisite perfume evokes certain sensations in us, likened to those clean and fresh-air sunrises so typical of Ibiza.