Event on June 30th! >>>>>Up Close & Personal with Profumum Roma!

Beautyhabit Discovery Series

SOLD OUT! Event on June 30th! >>>>>Up Close & Personal with Profumum Roma!

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WHEN: Thursday, June 30 at 4pm PDT/ 7pm EDT via ZOOM

HOSTS:    Paula Vazquez – Beautyhabit Co-founder

                       Karen Dubin – Beautyhabit Personal Fragrance Specialist           

FEE:  $30 – Includes Profumum Roma Discovery Kit and $10 Credit Code

NOTE: Registration closes Friday, June 24 to ensure timely delivery of samples.

We are beyond thrilled to present Profumum Roma in this special Masterclass. This is a rare and very hard-to-find brand in extremely limited distribution, and they typically do not do events. And they never offer samples! It is quite a compliment (and a coup) to be able to bring this to you. We will be sending you NINE exquisite Profumum Roma  samples, and there will also be plenty of perks and specials attached to this event.

The power of scent can be extravagantly more evocative than a photo or an image. It is a vibrant multi-sensational journey of naked emotions, hidden desires, uncontrollable atmospheres, and mysterious deja vu that floods our senses and wraps us like honey. Olfactory hallucinations that can lead us anywhere.. to the North of any South, to the East of any West... limited only by the boundless limits of our imagination and the deep recesses of our heart. This is the soul of Profumum Roma.

 Guests will have the pleasure of receiving a specially-curated Discovery Kit featuring samples of nine Profumum Roma fragrances: Acqua E Zucchero, Con Fetto, Acqua Di Sale, Dolci Pensier, Dulcis In Fundo, Battito D’Ali, Arso, Fiore D’Ambra, and Acqua Viva. The package will arrive at your home before the event so we can all join in the fun together! The Registration Fee for this event is $30.00, and you will be gifted with a $10.00 credit toward the purchase of an Profumum Roma fragrance.

 We can only bring 50 Beautyhabit friends to this incredible interactive experience, and this event will fill up very quickly, so please sign up here as soon as possible.

So sorry - but we are unable to ship the samples Internationally

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