Essential Faith Aura (1/6 oz roll-on)
Essential Faith Aura multiple bottle beauty shot
Essential Faith Aura beauty shot


Essential Faith

Essential Faith Aura

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Introducing Essential Faith's new sister scent Aura! An intoxicating blend of the original Essential Faith scent with hints of warm seductive vanilla.

Why we're addicted: Vanilla is always an attractive scent; incredibly seductive.


A simple, yet uniquely fresh scent, hand-crafted from essential oils. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. Embrace the personal, seductive scent of the body soul and spirit.


Notes from Essential Faith:
1. Because Essential Faith is an all natural scent, each batch varies sightly due to time of harvest, amount of rainfall, length of season etc.
2. The oil MUST be kept away from heat and sunlight as this can make it lose its potency.
2. Also, you may be experiencing what is known as "olfactory fatigue." This is when you become accustomed to a scent and although you may not be able to smell it, others around you still can.
3. Essential Faith and Aura are very light scents, and work with one's body chemistry to create a different scent on everyone. The scents are most potent when used on the skin, and are harder to detect when smelling from the bottle directly. Apply desired amount and give it a few minutes to develop.
4. Lastly; any medications, allergies, or change in hormones can affect the scent on the wearer.

Ingredients + Benefits

Made of hand selected oils from Indonesia, Essential Faith perfume oils are 100% alcohol free oil with no chemicals or dyes in them. Made from natural ingredients.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Essential Faith oil is born and bottled by hand in Venice, CA since 2006. Hand-selected oils are imported from India, and Indonesia make up this understated and arousingly delicate, near aphrodisiac, murmur-like musk. Uniquely individual. Sublimely unforgettable. Essential Faith is a uni-sex scent.

Essential Faith works with your body's natural chemistry, leaving each with their own signature-scent. Inviting, yet hushed. Quiet, yet, overwhelmingly compelling. Notes: Soft, subtle and fresh musk-based proprietary blend. This is a long-lasting, yet delicate scent, and may not be for the anosmic. The perfume oil is 100% alcohol free oil with no chemicals or dyes in it.
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