Delfonics Quitterie Pen Case Flat - Turquoise
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Quitterie Pen Case Flat - Turquoise

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Size 1 pc
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A great case for pens, pencils - anything flat - even glasses! Keep your markers or masks together and handy.

*Measures approx. 7 3/8"  x 3 1/8"  x 1/2" Gusset

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
The culture that evolves from 1 pen or 1 sheet of paper is infinite.
In other words, stationery is not only a tool, but at the same times also represents a portal to culture.

Their stationery is not only practical, but also releases the sensibilities and creativity in those that use them.

Stationery that frees your creativity.

Made in Japan.