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Daily Concepts

Daily Detox Massaging Brush

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The perfect tool for elevating your dry brushing routine! Complete with responsibly sourced natural bristles and massaging rubber nodules this brush combines the vigorous texture to remove dead skin cells with the stimulation of the nodules to increase blood flow and circulation.


Ultimately this is the go-to for breaking up cellulite deposits, removing old dry skin and leaving the body feeling glowy and baby soft!

Measures 4.25" diameter x 1.375" high


Use dry as a pre-shower or bath ritual.

Polish in circular motions all over body in order to stimulate circulation and to eliminate layers of dead skin.

Designed to exfoliate and smooth skin to improve overall appearance of skin.

Clean the brush after use.
Do not leave it in the shower or in humid areas.

Ingredients + Benefits

Bristles: 100% natural
Nodules: Synthetic Rubber
Wood: Beechwood
Fabric Strap: Polyester

Brand Info

Daily Concepts is a company who care about their neighbors, their world and the mark they leave behind.

Daily Concepts believes that good thoughts attract good things and that getting clean, inside and out, is definitely a good thing.

Daily Concepts is addicted to water as a physical and spiritual medium to cleanse, refresh and reset.

Daily Concepts knows they can't always control what happens in life, but they can control their reaction; and most of the time they find that a shower or a bath will lead them to the solution.

Daily Concepts works to inspire, and get inspired, delivering daily concepts and everyday products that enhance the human experience.

Daily Concepts is here to change the world, your world, one shower at a time!
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