Daily Concepts Daily Back Scrubber with packaging
Daily Concepts Daily Back Scrubber in package
Daily Concepts Daily Back Scrubber in use by male
Daily Concepts Daily Back Scrubber in use by female

Daily Concepts

Daily Back Scrubber

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Daily Back Scrubber adapts to the body and is designed so that the belt is adjusted to the extent of each individual and to the pressure required for a good back massage.


Natural cotton base layer with nylon exfoliating loops for the ideal texture.
Reusable pouch.
Machine washable.
Made in North America.


The process must be performed with the product in the shower or bath.
It will seem or sound as if it’s tearing inside, but that is normal because of the adaptive technology.
Includes a Label with indicator that fades when it’s time to replace your Dual Texture Scrubber.

Ingredients + Benefits

Natural Cotton, Nylon

Brand Info

Daily Concepts is a company who care about their neighbors, their world and the mark they leave behind.

Daily Concepts believes that good thoughts attract good things and that getting clean, inside and out, is definitely a good thing.

Daily Concepts is addicted to water as a physical and spiritual medium to cleanse, refresh and reset.

Daily Concepts knows they can't always control what happens in life, but they can control their reaction; and most of the time they find that a shower or a bath will lead them to the solution.

Daily Concepts works to inspire, and get inspired, delivering daily concepts and everyday products that enhance the human experience.

Daily Concepts is here to change the world, your world, one shower at a time!
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