Coucou Suzette Dachshund Ruler (1 pc)
Coucou Suzette Dachshund Ruler- Closeup of product
Coucou Suzette Dachshund Ruler - Product shown in models hand

Coucou Suzette

Dachshund Ruler

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The dachshund, an oddly long dog, perfect to be turned as a ruler, don’t you think?! 

This elegant dachshund ruler is made of acetate, for a nice vintage look. With its golden details and hand-drawn numbers, you can’t resist this little desk jewelry!

Measures up to 20 cm.  


Each creation is unique, the color can slightly vary depending on the piece of acetate used.

Ingredients + Benefits

Cellulose Acetate.

Brand Info

Colorful, sexy, funny, unique, and delightfully kitsch creations. Coucou Suzette stands out with its original and accessible creations that’ll brighten up your outfit in the blink of an eye.
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