Carriere Freres Rose Mint Candle (185 g)
Carriere Freres Rose Mint Candle - Beauty shot
Carriere Freres Rose Mint Candle (185 g)
Carriere Freres Rose Mint Candle - Beauty shot
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Rose Mint Candle

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Size 185 g
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Initially discovered as a limited edition, La Rose aime la Menthe joins the classic collection with a rose-tinted wax. Discovered in Turkey, the rose proudly exhibits its exquisite corolla of petals in order to reveal the finesse of its scent. By contrast, spearmint stands out with its exhilarating and subtle scent.
When cold, the herbaceous scent of fresh mint stands out. When warm, the delicate floral perfume of rose prevails.

Benefits: In addition to the benefits of rose are those of spearmint. Together, they help to:
- Overcome anxiety, tension and sleep disorders.
- Soothe the nervous system.
- Create harmony on a psycho-emotional level.

Each candle is made according to ancient expertise and handcrafted in a workshop in Normandy; the candles’ perfume comes from a blend of natural raw and synthetic materials. Since 2022, candles and botanical palets were formulated with 100% vegetable wax, from European organic rapeseed.

To limit the packaging’s environmental impact, no plastic or non-essential materials are used. Carrière Frères opts for a natural approach with boxes made from 100% recycled and recyclable FSC paper, labels made from FSC paper (40% recycled) and printing using vegetable-based inks.

Measures approx.: 3.5” H x 3” dia.
- Never leave a lit candle unattended, and do not burn one for more than 2 hours at a time.
- Always burn a candle until the entire surface liquifies, and allow it to solidify before re-lighting.
- Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times, to avoid any black smoke. Gently re-position the wick while the wax is still molten.
- Always protect the surface on which the candle rests.
- Once only 1/4 inch of wax remains, blow out the candle and let it fully cool before safely discarding it.
- Burning time: 40 to 45 hours.
Glass Jar, Wick (Pure Cotton), Fragrance, 100% Vegetable Wax, European Organic Rapeseed Wax.

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
In 1884, Carrière Frères was founded by the erudite and entrepreneurial Carrière brothers. Well-versed in 18th century wax craftsmanship, yet passionate about patents and new inventions, they set out to reinvent the candle-making process.

Carrière Frères candles feature a unique wax formula that allows for a clean and even burn. Inspired by the indomitable spirit of scientific discovery, Carrière Frères now explores the world of scents.

Carrière Frères candles are luxury-crafted in their own Normandy factory in France.