Care By Me Cashmere Comb
Care By Me Cashmere Comb on grey sweater

Care By Me

Cashmere Comb

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A gentle comb for use with your cashmere goods. 

The natural peeling, or pilling, that occurs with cashmere will produce some little nubs of fibers on the surface of your knitted goods. 

Gently wipe them away with this comb.


This comb helps you minimize the harmful use of resources when cleaning and taking care of your garments and home goods. With the right care, your products will last longer! They hope you will love them forever.

They also recommend a gentle wash or two of your cashmere - this will help remove the excess fibers and fluff those woven into your goods.

Brand Info

The Care By Me brand was founded in 2012 by Danish designer, Camilla Gullits.

Care By Me believes in design that values people and planet. Therefore, they proudly build their product portfolio on 3 core demands:

- Social Sustainability
- High Quality Natural Materials
- Excellent Craftsmanship
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