Bombay Duck Bon Appetit Wire Word French – Blue (2 pcs)
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Bon Appetit Wire Word French – Blue

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Size 2 pcs
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Bon appetit! Create a charming accent in your décor with this uniquely designed wire word wall art. Crafted in blue using premium wire, this art piece brings French flair to any room with its bold and vibrant style!

Measures approx.:
Bon - 7.25" L x 4.25" H.
Appetit - 13.5" x 8.25" H.
Comes with matching blue wall mount screws & tubes so the word can sit slightly away from the wall, giving a shadow effect.
Founded in 1993, Bombay Duck started out of the conviction that there is a real desire out there for well-made homewares, bright with color and rich with pattern. They offer homewares and gifts to make people smile; from timeless ceramics to rainbow cushions. Happy Homewares is their passion!