Avenida Home Mes Amis du Potager Serving Board (1 pc)
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Mes Amis du Potager Serving Board

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Size 1 pc
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This charming serving board features a beautifully painted hedgehog surrounded by vibrant flowers and vegetables in a summer garden. It is guaranteed to bring a burst of beautiful color and cuteness to your kitchen, and makes the perfect gift for any loved one with a penchant for vintage design, a fondness for hedgehogs or a love for all things natural.

Measures approx.: 7.75" L x 11.5" H.

A unique collaboration between Avenida Home and Nathalie Lété, this enchanting creation forms part of their In the Garden of my Dreams Collection.

- Made from high-quality birch wood board sourced from sustainable forests
- Natural wood finish on the back
- Heat resistant to 120°C (248°F)
- Can be cleaned under running water
- Handmade in Sweden

Care Notice: Do not submerge in water
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