All The Ways To Say Cat XXL Paper Clips (4 pcs)
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Cat XXL Paper Clips

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Size 4 pcs
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 With a sleek enamel gold finish, this set of 4 clips will keep your documents and sketches in safe paws. 

Each clip measures approx.: 1.25" L x 1.25" H.

Made in France.
ALL THE WAYS to Say is a stationery brand based in France, founded in 2015 by Claire Leina, an illustrator, art director, and young mom and her husband Jean-Charles Da Rocha. While Claire develops original collections based on hand-painted illustrations, works on the color and designs combinations, Jean-Charles manages the development of the company. Their little daughter, Tess is in charge of laughing and gives them hugs when they need it.

ALL THE WAYS to say’s world reflects Claire’s love for nature, plants, and travel inspired from his childhood spent abroad, from Brazil to Morocco, as well as Cameroon and Guinea. Add to this a few touches of humor, and poetry and you get ALL THE WAYS to say spirit.