Ume Incense Dome Incense Stick Holder – Brushed Gold (Holder and pouch) does not come with incense that is shown in this picture for placement only.
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Dome Incense Stick Holder – Brushed Gold

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This minimalist Brushed golden brass dome incense stick holder, holds three sticks of incense of various diameters. Add simplicity to your life.

Incense sticks sold separately.

- Comes in hemp travel pouch.
- Hold incense from 1mm - 3mm thick.
- Made in the United Kingdom.
- Made of pure brass.
- Suitable for Japanese style incense & bamboo core.
- Has a good weight to hold your taller sticks with bamboo core.
- Perfect on its own, for travel or used on a dish to catch the ash.
- Made on Earth by Humans.
UME was created by Emma Leafe throughout her own healing experiences and after several influential journeys: exploring temples, exquisite tea houses and sacred power places across the globe.

Drawn toward the sacred arts in each place - and being captivated by the raw scents which perfumed these explorations, she began to experience first-hand how fragrance was key in unlocking doors in the mind. From this Emma discovered the lost art of incense making and began to explore the deeper rituals and crafts that surround it.