Sunnie Lane Flower Press
Sunnie Lane Flower Press - Side shot of product
Sunnie Lane Flower Press - Product shown taken apart

Sunnie Lane

Flower Press

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The flower press is a beautiful and functional piece that can press multiple flowers at the same time. Having pressed flowers for 30+ years, Sunnie Lane's flower press has all the components needed to successfully press your own flowers! Each floral press comes with clear instructions on how to properly use it.

Measures approx.: 4.75" L x 0.75" W x 4.75" H.


These flower presses are the perfect fall floral gift. The press is offered in a natural wood and has a beautiful floral design etched into it. They not only press flowers really well but they are also a beautiful decor piece for a tabletop, counter, etc.

Brand Info

Sunnie Lane began pressing flowers in 1990. She was perfecting the flower pressed bookmark. As they grew in popularity, the realized they need more flowers! Growing space for their flowers in Arizona and Utah, Sunnie Lane began to expand the way they pressed their flowers. Now they make magnets, jewelry, and more! Starting with Grandma's knowledge of flower pressing, Sunnie Lane really became a wonderful company that combines beautiful fresh pressed flowers with tradition inspired techniques.

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