Ashes & Arbor Peonies Flowers Watercolor Card Art Kit (1 kit)
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Peonies Flowers Watercolor Card Art Kit

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Size 1 kit
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This watercolor art kit comes with a 5x7 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper and envelope with paint and a paintbrush. All you need to do is add water to your brush and swirl around on the paint. Each card is stamped with a hand carved lino cut that can be painted over without smearing.

For beginners and advanced artists alike, anyone from 2-99 can enjoy this craft. This art card is only partially finished, options are limitless on how you create the finished piece.

Each card has unique prints due to being hand stamped. The ink of the stamp is a pebble stone gray.

Made in the USA.
Michelle Nowels is a relief print artist working with hand carved lino cuts and tree rings. She creates art kits for others to enjoy and add their own creative spin to. Each art kit comes with everything you will need to create a beautiful watercolor painting, all you need is water.