Mater Soap Mater Sponge (1 pc)
Mater Soap Mater Sponge - sponge side
Mater Soap Mater Sponge - loofah gourd side

Mater Soap


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Compostable, loofah and cellulose sponge for your kitchen.

Made from the loofah gourd and cellulose, the Mater Sponge is a great alternative to micro plastic sponges that end up in our waterways. The loofah side is great for the scrubbing pots and the cellulose side will gently clean your dishes. Great for kitchen dishes, ceramics, counters, stove tops, pots and pans.


- Measures approx 4.25" x 2.75" x 0.5" two-sided, stitched.
- Pair it with the Multi-Purpose Kitchen Block and Mater Soap Dish.
- Biodegradable, zero-waste.
- Expands and softens when wet.


To clean: Rinse and let dry after use. Scour when necessary.

Ingredients + Benefits

Cellulose sponge and Loofah Gourd.

Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Mater Soap offers a variety of cold-process bar soaps and organic body products. Keeping the batches small and handmade, the company strives to perfect the simple yet subtle alchemy of soap-making and skin care. Their appreciation for the minimalist beauty of traditional bar soap and power of plant oils and extracts deeply inform the craft.

Using 100% natural, sustainably-sourced plant ingredients like smoky pine tar, rose-colored kaolin clay, and salty sea plants, Mater Soap provides the bather with products that nourish the body and mind, enhancing the bathing ritual. Vegan. Cruelty-free. No SLS, parabens, synthetics or fragrances.
Just plants. Get dirty : )

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