Malabar Baby Handmade Kantha Tiger Lovey
Malabar Baby Handmade Kantha Tiger Lovey with baby

Malabar Baby

Handmade Kantha Tiger Lovey Rattle

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Bedtime Buddy - Tara the Tiger. Tara is smart and in charge. Strong and independent, everyone in the jungle can hear her when she roars. Tara can be seen from miles away because of her beautiful, bright fur.

Everyone needs a bedtime buddy!  Meet the Handmade, kantha stitched toys tht are bound to bring a little bit of magic to every bedtime routine.


handmade from premium cotton and are hand stitched. They’re filled with polyester with a soft noise maker that makes a gentle rattle sound. Comes ready to be gifted!

Brand Info

From the drawing board to the nursery, all of the items are meticulously designed. The art of every baby quilt takes 7 days of dedicated hands-on attention to detail. The element of human touch means each piece is always unique.

Aside from bath time, not a moment goes by when your newborn isn’t exposed to fabric. From their crib bedding to their swaddles, it is essential that your baby’s skin is embraced by only the most natural and gentle organic materials.

Malabar's littlest clients are the future of the world, and they deserve the absolute best this world has to offer. They grow up fast, so make every snuggle count!

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