June & December Herbarium Journal
June & December Herbarium Journal - inside front cover
June & December Herbarium Journal - 2-page spread with plants in and around

June & December

Herbarium Journal

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Inspired by Italian botanical garden herbariums, this linen-covered Herbarium Journal was designed to preserve personal collections of pressed specimens as a memory keepsake.

Size: 6.5” x 8.5” / 60 pages


- Linen front + back cover with gold foil details
- 100% pcw-recycled, acid-free cardstock pages
- Printed to label mounted specimens
- Matching elastic band closure to keep specimens safe
- Imported

Brand Info

June & December was founded in 2014 with an adventurous spirit and the idea that the most memorable gifts have a meaningful story to tell. The Founders aspire to have these goods remind you of a recent adventure, a memorable dinner, or a fond childhood memory and hope these stories connect with yours as we all celebrate the many ways nature brings us together.
- Katie + Nick Forte, Founders

An astute student of nature and collector of clipped sprigs and forest finds, you can find Katie’s inspiration deep within her hand-drawn illustrations, graphic designs and original patterns. Her artwork celebrates and explores the natural wonder found all around us, like the fern: often walked on and overlooked, the fern adds green to the darkest forest shadows where the sunlight remains elusive.

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