Honey House Naturals Wool Bee Bag (1 pc)

Honey House Naturals

Wool Bee Bag

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These handmade, felted wool, zippered Bee Bags make a very cute gift by themselves or with other Honey House products. They are ethically made by hand by talented ladies in Nepal. Each one is unique so you may expect small variations in design or color.

Measures approx: 6 1/2" x 4 1/4"


The wool is boiled and dyed, cut and stitched in the these delightful and sturdy little zippered pursed.

Brand Info

The story of Honey House Naturals began on a farm near Puget Sound, Washington. The "Queen Bee" Ruth Willis began keeping bees to enhance the fruit trees in her family's backyard orchard. Soon, the bees were producing honey which they sold at the local market, but Ruth felt that the natural bee products could be doing more.

In an effort to help a friend whose hands had become severely dry and cracked, Ruth created the very first Bee Bar, a concentrated lotion bar made of pure beeswax and healing emollients. After many years of success at local farmer's markets, Ruth grew her family business into a worldwide specialty boutique.

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