A.OK The Bird Massage Tool (1 pc)
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The Bird Massage Tool

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The Bird is a massage tool for the entire body. When applied with slow, rhythmic movements, The Bird can help with lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, and release toxins, relaxing muscles and awakening the senses.


The curves on The Bird can be used to slide along tensed arms or legs, while the points can be used for extra pressure. Apply A.OK oil before massage to help The Bird glide over skin and create a simple, elevating daily ritual.

Each tool is carved from natural sandalwood so variations in shape and color will occur. You will receive an untreated sandalwood tool that will develop a luster after a few drops of oil.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Brand Info

Alessandra finds inspiration in what she see. Walking around the block, she will notice the color of the leaves, or a kid whizzing by on their blue scooter in a hat with cat ears. All of the interactions and gestures between friends and neighbors spark ideas of connection and creation for her. But when the world suddenly shut down, seemingly overnight, and her daily visual cues disappeared, she was struggling to do even the simplest drawings.

Like many others, difficult feelings showed up, and without motivation to make artwork, she was left empty. It was then that she began to wonder—visual sense could be such an important tool for creativity, perhaps some of the other senses could offer something similar, or something else. So she started to play around with smell and touch. She began using essential oils as tools for inspiring, but also grounding myself. One smell of jasmine would quickly shift a mood, or a hint of lavender might make her shoulders soften a little. She was so surprised by these uplifting feelings brought on by smell & touch that she turned it into a practice, maybe even a way of giving herself a hug. “You’re A.OK” became my mantra."

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