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Eau d'Italie Mystic Sunset Eau de Parfum as seen on Westfaironline.com...

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The scent of summer in winter

Who wouldn’t want to visit Le Sirenuse?  This fabled Italian resort, centrally located in Positano, is 650 feet from the Amalfi Coast and its beautiful beaches. It features an oyster bar, a Michelin-starred restaurant and elegant rooms with private balconies. But if you can’t get there this year, may I suggest the next-best thing?  How about a bottle of the new destination fragrance – a hot new trend – that captures all the enticing scents of the region?  

Mystic Sunset is Eau d'Italie’s latest fragrance, blending notes of saffron, osmanthus, jasmine, cassis, sugar cane and cedar. It’s a modern gourmand – at once floral and fruity, indulgent and enticing and, like the memory of your time in Positano, it lingers forever. 

Marina Sersale, whose family established Le Sirenuse 70 years ago in their 18th-century summer palazzo on the Amalfi Coast, and her husband, Sebastian Alvarez-Murena, created Eau d’Italie as a way of bringing the essence of Italy to all who cherish that magical, mystical place. There are 12 fragrances in the collection since the original Eau d’Italie was launched and became a favorite of rock icon David Bowie.

Photo by David Castillo (@espacioveintiuno)

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