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Eau d'Italie as seen on instagram @thebeautyalchemist...

... and available online at Beautyhabit

Eau d'Italie Mystic Sunset by Eau d'Italie

Mystic Sunset is new from L'Eau d'Italie (available @beautyhabit) the fragrance line from the family behind the legendary Le Sirenuse Positano hotel in Italy. I remember L'Eau D'Italie well from years back when I went to Lafco in NYC on sniffing excursions. It has been some time since I visited with the line and they now have a new look. 

Mystic Sunset is a beauty and reaffirms that I really like Italian perfume houses. The fragrance celebrates the setting sun over Positano's bay and the notes include cassis (blackcurrant), osmanthus, cane sugar, saffron, jasmine and cedar.

Now I am not often a fan of cassis, it depends. Here I really like it, it's not too sweet or overdone. More the fresh fruit that's not overipened, maybe a little tart. The cane sugar also doesn't make it too sweet but is just enough. The light florals are barely there and mix nicely while the saffron keeps it all a little dry.  The cedar definitely shows up as it dries down but in no way overwhelms the rest of the scent. 

Sunny, calm, easy to wear and subtly sultry, this takes you away without leaving your yard. Can't get to Italy? Go there via scent.

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