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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Luxury Beauty Products From Around The World

What Mom wouldn’t want to be a gorgeous globetrotter? Now she can – without the jet lag. For the past 15 years I have compiled (and sampled and sniffed) some of the world’s best beauty products – and today you can purchase them for Mom – so she can experience a fabulous destination – without the travel issues and packing problems. (Of course, if you add first-class, round-trip air tickets to your gift, you just might become Mom’s favorite.) But now, for the immediate, let us spray!


This gorgeous line of goodies is made in St. Barth from native fruits and flowers, crafted from recipes that originated with the island’s Arawak Indians and were handed down in entrepreneur Herve Brin’s family. (My sources tell me that Steven Spielberg and Michael Kors stock up on the Homme fragrance when they are on the island.) The fantastic vanilla body lotion is my absolute favorite – featuring West Indies vanilla, with an avocado oil base, and adorably packaged in re-purposed rum bottles. I never knew the Caribbean could smell so intoxicating! Ligne St. Barth can be found at as well as luxury wellness destinations throughout the world including in the USA at The Fountainbleau in Miami and Shutters on the Beach in Santa. Monica.

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