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Child Perfume Roll On: Best Fragrances Under $100

With the explosion of so many expensive perfumes, sometimes we forget that there are many excellent, long wearing and simply beautiful perfumes that cost under $100 for a full bottle – and we’re not talking travel sizes! Have a look at these high end perfumes for yourself, or to gift someone special.

Child Perfume

If there was ever a secret handshake in fragrance, Child Perfume is it. Created as a personal perfume in 1990 by Susan Owens, and requested by so many, she decided to bottle it for others. It has garnered cult-like status among Hollywood’s rich & famous and is worn by so many…Britney Spears, Christina Applegate, Denise Richards; Hilary Duff, Jenny Garth, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, LeAnn Rimes and many others. The fragrance is a beautiful powdery blend of lilac, magnolia, vanilla and a touch of citrus top notes, which sashay into middle notes of jasmine, tuberose, violet, and then finishes off with long lasting base notes of musk, mimosa, rose and soft woods.

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