Yon-Ka Paris My Face Massage Crystal

Yon-Ka Paris

My Face Massage Crystal

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This facial massage tool originates from ancient Asian beauty rituals that have been devotedly practiced for centuries to help soothe the appearance of wrinkles and visibly firm the facial contours while awakening the skin's natural glow. Its oxygenating and detoxifying actions pair beautifully with your favorite eye/lip contour or serum resulting in a clear, toned and radiant complexion.


The green aventurine's healing power is also softening to the skin and neutralizes pollutants that harm the skin's surface throughout the day. The crystal's negative ions magnetically draw out the particles to detoxify, cleanse, and heal the skin.
It’s unique design makes it the perfect eye massager to de-puff and brighten the delicate contours.

The positive energy of this shimmering crystal, a mica-rich variety of quartz is especially conducive to prosperity and good luck.
The use of the Green Aventurine's energy is to attract more opportunities and abundance into your life.


Simple to use, yet super effective, apply your Serum(s) Concentrate and glide the My Face Massage Crystal tool over the skin.
It's best paired with aromatic essential oils, cold-pressed oils, and natural extracts to energize and nourish the skin.

Ingredients + Benefits

The Natural Green Aventurine Stone is a mica quartz; therefore, each stone is unique and the size and color may vary slightly from what is pictured.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

Pioneers in aromatherapy, Cecile, Ernst and Charles Muhlethaler founded the Laboratories Multaler in 1954. At the time, the wealth of ancestral and empirical knowledge they were able to draw upon was shared only by a small number of scientists, chemists and doctors. They created a groundbreaking range of skin and body care based on the power of phytotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Yon-Ka's products are based on “Quintessence”, a combination of 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean expanded into a blend of scientific and nature based formulas. The subtle aromas in the Yon-Ka formulas come from the essential oils that are charged with solar energy and are then combined with the therapeutic, healing properties of plants.
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