TOPS Malibu Deluxe Thanksgiving Surprize Ball - Assorted (1 pc)

TOPS Malibu

Deluxe Thanksgiving Surprize Ball - Assorted

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A memorable gift for all ages. Unwind a Deluxe Surprise Ball to find 11+ prizes hidden between layers of colorful crepe paper ribbons. Surprises inside vary by style & may include: vintage style toys - keepsake - charm - gem - candy - bubbles - confetti popper - fortune - gratitude questions, quote & more.

Deluxe Suprize Balls are sold individually. The image shows one of each color possible.


Created from approximately 100 feet of colorfully changing crepe paper ribbon with 11 hidden treasures. As the crepe ball unravels, surprises and gifts spill out of each layer.

Surprize Balls are handmade by artisans in the USA. (Children over 3 yrs, small parts.)

Brand Info

In the 1980s TOPS Gallery in Malibu began with unusual functional art that was adored by the entertainment community. Founder Judy Walker created the first candle with surprises and messages inside. The next generation became the Surprize Balls - each layer containing a gift. TOPS Malibu continues to grow through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, reaching out and creating lasting memories for their customers. Family memories are being shared with the next generation, and that is a great thing!
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