TOPS Malibu Celestial Chime Pendant (assorted color ribbon -  red shown)
TOPS Malibu Celestial Chime Pendant - shown on model with red ribbon

TOPS Malibu

Celestial Chime Pendant

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Handmade by the same silversmith discovered by TOPS Malibu in the 1980s, this Celestial Chime Pendant has a calming effect & is made of German Silver. Wear and listen to the chime's meditative song, giving a feeling of tranquility & peace. This pendant is a most wonderful gift to be cherished and passed down.

The ribbon comes in assorted colors. Red shown. You may receive a different color.


The Founder of TOPS Malibu had one in the 1980s and showered her daughter with musical tinkles.

Brand Info

In the 1980s TOPS Gallery in Malibu began with unusual functional art that was adored by the entertainment community. Founder Judy Walker created the first candle with surprises and messages inside. The next generation became the Surprize Balls - each layer containing a gift. TOPS Malibu continues to grow through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, reaching out and creating lasting memories for their customers. Family memories are being shared with the next generation, and that is a great thing!
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