Toockies Scrub Z 2 scrubbers with hanging loops
Toockies Scrub Z scrubbers as packaged.
Toockies Scrub Z shown in use under running water and a lemon
Toockies Scrub Z - packaging back


Scrub Z

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Scrub pads the size of an average sponge with a hanging loop. These are great for those transitioning from sponges to scrub cloths. They provide an easy scrub and a hygienic alternative to sponges because they machine wash/dry to refresh and last for a very long time.


- Hand-knit in vintage dishcloth pattern.
- Tough cleaning and long-lasting.
- Machine wash/dry.
- Compostable and recycles as potting mesh.
- Sizes: 6.25" L x 4.25" W x 0.125" Thick.

Brand Info

The Founder grew up in a small fishing village on the island of Terceira, in the Azores. Her mother's only source of income was embroidery that was exported to European countries. This embroidery paid for her clothes as a single woman, her wedding dress, household needs, baby needs, and to buy each of her three daughters a gold cross necklace. This mother was an inspiration!

The Founder's mother-in-law introduced her to knitted dishcloths received from cousin Claudia, better known as "Toockie." She very quickly became dependent on these "Toockies" to clean her home, her kids and her car. Soon the Founder started thinking everybody should have these amazing Toockies® that worked hard and lasted for years. They were cost effective because they out performed disposable cleaning products and did not need to be replaced every week.
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