Tiny Rituals Clear Quartz Sphere (1 pc)
Tiny Rituals Clear Quartz Sphere in model's hand

Tiny Rituals

Clear Quartz Sphere

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As clear as ice, bringer of light, and ever ready to amplify - the Clear Quartz Sphere is the crystal ball you need for magnifying the magic within. Since the days of the Druids, crystal spheres have been used for healing, meditation, and communicating with spirit guides. Clear Quartz is a crystal that entices you to look deep and seek the truth. Spring clean your aura and make space for messages with the Clear Quartz Sphere.

Measures approx. 1" diameter.


- Affirmation: “With this sphere, I clear space for light and clarity to glow.”
- Unique and genuine Clear Quartz gemstone
- Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
- Comes with a description card

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For those seeking meaning, inspired by intention, and connected by ritual. 10% of profits protect children in need.
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