Three Potato Four Air Freshener - Bird (1 pc)
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Three Potato Four Air Freshener - Bird

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Size 1 pc
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You might be stinky, but your space doesn’t have to be! This super cute, retro-inspired air fresheners work in any environment- car, bathroom, office, laundry room… just about anywhere! Plus, they’re so gooooooood lookin’ too and perfect for the holidays - stuff those holiday stockings with the sweet scent of Fresh Linen. Smell ya later!
Hanging Air Freshener
Fresh Linen Scent
Proudly produced and packaged in the USA
Great gift
Your New Favorite Accessory
Three Potato Four has been bringing back your favorite vintage-inspired gifts and accessories since 2007! From felt pennants, hotel key tags, coin pouches, card packs, and more, this super fun ever-expanding product line blends beloved nostalgic vintage objects with contemporary trend-driven designs.