Perfumealum Refill - Green
Perfumealum Refill - Green

Perfumealum Refill - Green

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Green is the rural landscape of rich farmlands, the quiet streams running through scenic valleys and the remnants of thriving grasslands in Southern Minnesota.

Top notes of crushed fig leaves and fresh green ivy create a sense of childhood nostalgia where live galbanum, sweet pink pepper and wet oakmoss impart a naturally grassy texture.


The creation of Terveer shares the story through the purity of perfume oil. Inspired by their mother, Marie Terveer, these concentrated blends truly represent her as an unusually cosmopolitan farm girl with a passion for beauty. Each carefully crafted scent embodies nature in its most authentic form, taking us on a layered journey from the past to the present.

Created by: Jean-Claude DeVille

Top: Fresh Green Ivy, Live Galbanum
Middle: Sweet Pink Pepper, Fig Wood, Crushed Fig Leaves
Base: Wet Oakmoss, Vetiver, Sheer Musk.

Ivy: Native to Europe, ivy is an evergreen with a cool, slightly spicy green essence that attaches to any kind of exposed surface.
Galbanum: A gum resin found in Persian plant species, galbanum radiates a musky, bitter green scent.
Pink Pepper: A spice made from dried berries, pink pepper imparts a mysterious dark finish.
Fig wood: Native to southwest Asia, the common fig gives off a silky, green powdery essence.
Oakmoss: A fungus found in mountainous temperate forests, oakmoss presents an earthy, woody aroma.
Vetiver: A grass that grows in damp environments, vetiver imparts a refreshing, root-like citrus scent.

Terveer's approach to perfumery blends a combination of rich natural oils with olfactive science, increasing the lasting power of nature identical aromas. Terveer's concentrated oil content marks the return of scent as a true essence paying respect to the past in its tactile application.
Isopropyl myristate, fragrance, limonene

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