TATINE Pine Candle (8 oz)
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Pine Candle

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A sweet forest aroma with both crisp and warm resinous notes, this fragrance was built based on the whispering pines of northern Wisconsin, holding strong personal memories. An aroma for all seasons. Woody evergreen notes blended with balsam oil. 


Harmonizing fragrant compositions from the Garden + Forest. Inspired by seasonal, sensual botanicals.

Perfume and essential oils are blended into GMO free soy and vegetable wax candles. FSC certified paper packaging is letterpress printed with vegetable based inks, to ensure your fragrant journey is a green one!

8 oz. soy wax candle in heavyweight glassware with recycled content
Approx 60 hour burn time.

Brand Info

Tatine's Inspiration: Emotion, experiences, love, music, memories, travel, sensuality and moments captured, underlining life.

Tatine's Atmosphere: The crackle of a needle on a record, a warm candle flame. Storytelling through rock ‘n’ roll and mesmerizing fragrance blends.

The definition of Joy:
joy joi/ noun // noun: joy
1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Handcrafted in Tatine's Chicago studio since 2001.
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