Aburatorigami Blotting Papers
Aburatorigami Blotting Papers

Aburatorigami Blotting Papers

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A 300 year old Japanese beauty secret for a petal fresh complexion revealed.

Removes excess oil and sweat without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin. A powder and primer alternative that improves the wear of makeup.

For all skin types: oily, normal, dry & sensitive.

30 pages.

3.74" x 3.74"
For Those With Dry Skin
You are blessed with naturally clear skin that just needs a boost of moisture, especially after washing your face.
After applying a rich moisturizer even the best powders can settle in, accentuating lines and wrinkles throughout the day.
To help create the perfect canvas for your makeup with minimal powder, gently pat a single leaflet of TATCHA aburatorigami to prime your skin without drying it out.

For Those With Oily Skin
Rejoice, for oily skin is youthful skin.
For a petal fresh complexion, gently pat a single leaflet of TATCHA aburatorigami to the face anywhere there is excess oil.
Use both sides and discard after use.
Repeat as often as needed anytime throughout the day.
100% abaca leaf, gold flake. Fragrance-free. Powder-free. Oil-free. All-natural, biodegradable. No animal testing. Handmade in Japan.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
For every little moment in your day: create balance and take a moment for yourself. Swift away excess oil with the Aburatorigami Blotting Papers - set makeup and keep skin looking petal-fresh.

Centuries ago, gold leaf craftsmen created blotting sheets of abaca leaf to protect their precious metal as they hammered it into whisper-thin sheets. Resourceful geisha learned that the soft, absorbent leaflets were perfect blotting papers, incorporating them into their beauty rituals. These original beauty papers are made from 100% abaca leaf and gold flakes to blot away excess oil without stealing moisture from the skin, leaving you with petal-fresh skin any time. Ideal for dry skin, combination skin and oily skin.