Perfectionniste Complexion Brush

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A densely packed brush for perfecting the complexion in targeted areas.

The bristles allow for the optimal deposit of product on the skin, while simultaneously preventing over-saturation.

Allows for the flawless application of concealer and foundation. Ideal for someone who prefers a more-compact brush or a more precise level of control. 


Each brush is hand-shaped by master craftsman in Kumano, Japan, in a 60-step process, taking over a week to create. Every hair is hand selected and the tips of the hairs are never cut, ensuring only the softest, most delicate hairs are used. This guarantees the unique, sensual experience of the Surratt Artistique brushes.


Equally suitable for applying concealer and foundation, giving you a perfectly natural finish.

Brand Info

Surratt Beauty is a visionary collection designed by top New York city make-up artist Troy Surratt. Fueled by his passion for beauty, Troy has created a line of artistic products that enable you to express your individuality and make a lasting impression.His customizable approach allows you to explore endless possibilities. Utilizing mesmeric colors and sumptuous formulas, Troy had devoted nearly a decade to develop and realize his eponymous line.

- A dream come true.
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