Ojai Botanical Room & Linen Mist

Ojai Botanical Room & Linen Mist


Intending to authentically capture the sanctuary-like atmosphere and scent of founder and perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis’ family orchard, Ojai was formulated with hydro-distilled essences of organic sweet orange, bay leaf, bergamot, and lavender. This 100% botanical room and linen mist is produced to precisely the same level of quality and purity as the rest of the company’s fragrances. It can be sprayed generously in any room to scent the air, or delicately misted from a slight distance over bed linens or upholstered furniture to evoke the lovely scent of this enchanting region.
“Ojai is a magical place,” says Balahoutis. “There are Eucalyptus and pink pepper trees everywhere you look. Deep green hills that vary from soft to steep are blanketed in flowering citrus trees, and the Topa Topa mountains turn a fiery shade of pink for only a moment during sunset each day. This is known in the region as ‘the pink moment’ and it’s a local custom to gaze at it while sipping rosé. It is almost as though Ojai’s visual beauty infuses the air with a sense of promise and wellbeing. You feel all of the beauty in the air that you breathe. The aromas in spring are especially heavenly.”
Generously spray directly into the air to frangrance any space. Hold the bottle six inches above linens or upholstered furniture and spray carefully allowing a fine mist to fall over fabric.
*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
Strange Invisible Perfumes botanical fragrances blend certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences with genuine inspiration and compelling narratives. Each entirely natural perfume is designed, decanted, and bottled within their own natural fragrance house based in Venice, California. A master distiller heads their laboratory customizing essences both locally and all over the world.

Botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis founded Strange Invisible Perfumes in 2000 with the conviction that high-end perfumes be made of authentic botanical essences. Alexandra lives in Venice, California close to the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique and headquarters on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. She is dedicated to the art of botanical perfumery and happily tormented by perfectionism.
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