Shaquda SUVE Body Brush Short
Shaquda SUVE Body Brush Short with a group of other brushes - each sold individually
Shaquda SUVE Body Brush Short - pictured next to Long Body Brush - sold separately
Shaquda SUVE Body Brush Short box


SUVE Body Brush Short

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**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**

Rich soft quality short version body brush conveniently compact to fit your palm. Excellent for washing those areas that require a firmer hand such as neck and décolleté.

Measures: 2" W x 2 1/3" L x 1 3/8" H


- Durability : about 1 year
- You can also use dry brush, not wet, for Body Massage.


Soak with warm water directly on the brush tip.
Use appropriate quantity of soap or body-wash.
Apply the lathered brush on your skin and wash and massage gently.

Clean brush by rinsing with running water. If soap is left in the tip, it may cause mold formation and premature brush deterioration.
Squeeze the brush tip not to leave water. If the soap comes out in this step, please rinse again thoroughly.
Store cleaned brush in well ventilated area.

Ingredients + Benefits

Goat hair/ Synthetic/ Walnut

Brand Info

SHAQUDA. An innovative brush born from the fusion of traditional Kumano craftsmanship and modern design. Hand-finished brush tips. A design both simple and soft. Experience the graceful poise and decorative look of SHAQUDA as it soothes the skin and inspires the mind.

SHAQUDA is committed to three things:
Craftsmanship. Taking infinite pride in techniques handed down from Edo-period Japan.
Design. Simple but expressive styling that sets the tone for a new era.
SHAQUDA style. Inviting you to experience rich, extraordinary moments in everyday life.

SHAQUDA proposes a lifestyle filled with comfort and inspiration. SHAQUDA invites you to enrich your everyday with the unique and unprecedented experience they offer.

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