Santa Rosa Candles 12” Tapers
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12” Tapers # 6

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Size Set of 6
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The Santa Rosa Candles are handmade by bathing layer after layer of high-grade paraffin over a central wick using centuries-old methods. The warm color of the Santa Rosa Candles is achieved by melting actual amber (crystallized tree sap) into the wax. Each candle comes with a stamp of “Santa Rosa” in gold, denoting the patron saint of the candle workshop. The candles are unscented, and are traditionally used in churches and cathedrals throughout Mexico.

*Comes in a set of 6, each candle measures approx.: 12" x 1" 

- Hand poured.
- Unscented, smokeless, dripless.
- Made in Mexico.
- Due to the handmade nature of these items, there may be variations in color.
1. Before each lighting, trim wick to 1/8 inch. This will greatly extend the burning time of the candle.
2. Do not burn candles in areas where there is a strong draft or breeze (preventing the candle from burning slowly and evenly).
3. Votive and column-style candles will “pool in” on themselves, and will burn for many hours.
4. Taper candles are NOT dripless, and will burn down, and require attention to this fact.
5. Some slight smoke is emitted from burning candles.
6. These candles are fragrance-free
7. Store candles in a cool, dark place.
8. Tapers stored upright or in sunlight will bend. Store tapers on their sides in a cool, dark place.
9. As these candles are handmade, slight variations in the size and color of the candles can occur.
10. The color of the candles deepens with time and exposure to light, ranging from cream to amber in color.
11. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Over the years they have greatly expanded their production of Santa Rosa Church Candles with 50 sizes. American wicks and more modern production facilities - but the essence of the candles is the same. They still have the rich creamy tones and a Santa Rosa stamp in gold.