Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Candle

Santa Maria Novella

Pomegranate Candle

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Scented candle with the notes of Melograno Eau de Cologne. Crispy citrus notes and floral notes are harmoniously mixed with woody notes.

Size: 6 x 18 cm

SKU: 23678


Symbolizing abundance, wealth and prosperity, the pomegranate is the token in Italy for good luck and good fortune.

A pomegranate candle was considered a necessity in ancient times to keep a family in good heath and good wealth.

Brand Info

Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy (Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella) is probably the oldest pharmacy in the world that is still in operation. Dominican monks established the apothecary when they began growing herbs to make salves, balms and medicines for use in their infirmary. News of the extraordinary quality of their products spread far and wide. In 1612, the monks opened their doors to sell to the public.

The pharmacy still uses only natural raw materials of the highest quality and continues to follow the ancient procedures originated by the Founding Fathers. Most of the medicinal herbs used are grown locally. Products are never tested on animals.
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