Sajou Leontine Fabric Pin Cushion (1 pc)
Sajou Leontine Fabric Pin Cushion - under side with linen background
Sajou Leontine Fabric Pin Cushion - picture of larger piece of fabric in this print

Sajou Paris

Leontine Fabric Pin Cushion

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With a cute pumpkin shape, this pin cushion is hand made with Sajou's Leontine motif fabric. It has a small button on both the top and bottom. It is tightly stuffed to make it easy to pick both pins and needles.

Measures approx. 2 5/8" diameter x 1" high.


Completely hand made in a small workshop just around the corner from Maison Sajou, some differences can be found on all the models, notably with the threads and the fabric used to cover the buttons, which makes each model unique.

Brand Info

Maison Sajou is famous for the quality of their haberdashery, embroidery and textile product. Since the relaunch in 2005, Sajou has always put the emphasis on products Made in France.

Sajou is not a reseller of haberdashery goods: all the products are created by Frédérique Crestin-Billet.

Embroidery and dressmaking scissors, wooden sewing items, the Museums and Heritage collection of cross stitch projects, the famous Sajou albums, ribbons, laces, tapestry models, etc. Maison Sajou offers it all.
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