Etre Ici Et Ailleurs
Etre Ici Et Ailleurs
Etre Ici Et Ailleurs

Etre Ici Et Ailleurs

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Nose to the wind, Marco Polo garden, streaming with rain. To strip of the day, then enlighten one's body, sumptuous chrysalis, and elevate one's life.

Powder, elegant.

Head: Osmanthus, Orange Blossom
Heart: Jasmine
Base: Vetiver, Precious wood, Amber, Vanilla

Regenerating and Firming.
100% natural composition base with 10% added concentration of eau de parfum, but without the alcohol and very soft.
Designed and made in France by fragrance designers called “Nez“.
An unknown sensation! On your neck, on your wrists and right behind your ears. Just apply your caring fragrance and feel it!

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, tamanu oil and mango butter firm and renew damaged skin. Delicately illuminates skin with a pink glow. Ideal for distressed skin in need of revival. Made with a natural composition and 10% fragrance, without alcohol or parabens. Dermatologically tested.

About Sabé Masson Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes are created in the heart of Paris, in a spirited Maison de Parfum.

Each delicate, sophisticated fragrance is imagined, fashioned and meticulously perfected. The original skincare formulas combined with luxury perfumes create a new ritual of well-being and perfuming. Sensual, addictive, elegant; this is the art of Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes.

What is Le Soft Perfume?
Le Soft Perfume is a nourishing solid perfume in stick form with a natural composition and fragrance from the best perfumeries in France. Beautifully packaged, with a convenient application. Le Soft Perfume is made of natural ingredients without alcohol or parabens, and is ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. You will fall in love with the “Caress of Soft Perfume.” A pioneer in the world of solid perfumes, Sabé Masson has become the authority on nourishing, well-being solid fragrances. This is the art of Le Soft Perfume.

The Founder
Since childhood, Isabelle “Sabé” Masson has had a love for fragrance, art and nature, and subsequently built her brand by merging all three. She broke into the beauty world by beginning as an intern in a tiny perfume company, Shop 8, which would later transform into the beauty mecca, Sephora. Over the years, Sabé, along with her partner, revolutionized the tiny concept store. After the selling of Sephora, Sabé was given an opportunity to pursue her true passion: fragrance and all its forms. Voila, “Sabé Masson Perfumes and Soft Perfumes” was born! An artist, innovator and cosmetics industry insider, Sabé Masson has built her career by pushing boundaries, perfecting her creations and insisting customer satisfaction determines the success of any brand. Sabé Masson is delighted to welcome you into her world.

The Studio
With a studio based in the heart of Paris, the Sabé Masson team is as busy as a beehive. Here creative works closely with Sabé Masson on product development: experimenting with sophisticated fragrances, testing the latest natural skin care ingredients, artfully designing the colorful packaging and envisioning the stories behind each concept. Sabé Masson takes inspiration from world travels, nature’s wondrous beauty and of course from Paris, “The City of Lights” as well. Here in this spirited Maison de Parfum, the loveliest solid perfumes of our time are conceptualized and created. The Sabé Masson atelier-studio lives and breathes for the “Caress of Soft Perfume.”


Research Laboratory
The Sabé Masson research laboratory is a team of innovators. They combine the best natural plant ingredients to make ultimate skincare products: nourishing shea butter, hydrating tiare oil and anti-aging mango butter with tamanu oil, just to name a few.

The Perfumers
Sabé Masson meticulously composes each Soft Perfume fragrance with talented French perfumers. Each fragrance is imagined, fashioned, and chiseled to perfection. This quest to find the perfect alchemy is the quintessence of each Soft Perfume.

The Ritual
Le Soft Perfume is a nourishing fragrance that glides beautifully over your skin, on pulse points, pressure points, collarbones and wherever you want to be kissed.

Le Soft Perfume is like a dance upon your skin, a gentle caress. We invite you to invent your personal ritual of well-being and perfuming.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
Sabé Masson has a wealth of remarkable expertise, represented by their Soft Perfume: the first “fragrance with a thousand virtues”. These Soft Perfumes are a precious combination of the finest perfumery and natural cosmetic ingredients that are rich inskincare benefits. Alcohol and paraben-free, Soft Perfumes bring together the pure sensation of perfume with the virtues of skincare, to gently soften the skin.

All the perfumes are painstakingly designed, created, formulated and manufactured in France. They make a wonderful gift, which surprises, provokes thought and conversation, and, of course, becomes highly addictive.

Applying them is a ritual, a way of getting back in touch with yourself,caressing yourself with perfume and creating a trail of perfume on your skin, our way. They are a delicious nectar that you will never tire of; an addiction, a lucky charm, a perfume just for you.