Smith's Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla

Smith's Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla

SKU: 18421

Give yourself a "lift" with the newest aromatic and moisturizing lip balm from Rosebud Perfume Co. Mocha Rose imparts a dewy gloss to parched and chapped lips. Apply to rough hands, cuticles, chaffed elbows and feet or anywhere you need an emollient body boost! Infused with chocolate, vanilla and mocha coffee shop flavors.

Perfect for dry, chapped lips, cracked elbows, or heels.
Dab on pulse points for the full impact of the flavor.
Petrolatum, trade secret flavor mocha vanilla OS N&A (43.29791), white beeswax, red 7, shea butter, vitamin E, iron oxides

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