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Phytolium 4 Energizing Botanical Concentrate

Phytolium 4 Energizing Botanical Concentrate

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For Thinning Hair - Chronic and Severe.

Chronic thinning hair treatment for severe hair thinning. Four patents, 4 actions, the first anti-hair thinning treatment formulated with plant stem cells.

PHYTO has garnered a cult following for its thinning hair treatments. Inspired by cutting edge science, 'Phytolium 4' features a potent, biotechnology-derived complex [shiitake mushroom + wild apple tree stem cells] that triggers exceptional cellular regeneration while protecting the hair follicle to help prolong hair's life cycle and prevent premature thinning. The unidose vial gives you the perfect dose of treatment for each application; hair will feel stronger, denser and thicker.
• After shampooing with PHYTOLIUM Shampoo, apply using the applicator to damp hair using the applicator nozzle over the whole scalp, section by section.
• Lightly massage to help penetrate the scalp. Do not rinse.
• Style as usual.

Phyto Tip:
• May be used all year long in cases of severe and persistent hair loss.
• Apply PHYTOPOLLÉINE once or twice a week to prepare the scalp and boost the action of PHYTOLIUM 4.
Active Ingredients:
Serena extracts and essential oils of sage, cajeput, rosemary, lemon, and cypress, Solanum glycoproteins, Grapeseed procyanidins and cananga essential oil, Capicellpro (combining shiitake mushroom extracts and a biocompatible extract of stem cells from wild apple trees).

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.