Petit Jour Paris Insulated Pouch Jaguars (1 pc)
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Insulated Pouch Jaguars

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Size 1 pc
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This insulated pouch is ideal for adults and little ones who take a packed lunch to work, to school, the park, the beach, or the daycare. Also features a handle that makes it easy to carry around! 

*Measures approx.: 25" x 23" x 11"

Made in China
Petit Jour is based in the Paris area, has been designing and distributing a large range of high quality children’s accessories, based on characters from children’s books (Le Petit Prince, Pierre Lapin, Elmer, Barbapapa, Ernest et Célestine, Peppa Pig are part of the family), for over 40 years. In addition, they are developing illustrations with their team of illustrators from France and the Scandinavian countries. Their new brand, Maison Petit Jour, established in 2017, groups together all its own collections, created with love and passion by illustrators in close collaboration with our design studio. They dream, imagine, draw and then produce accessories for childhood and all this with an absolute obsession for quality and, of course, with tip top designs and illustrations making for a more colorful, practical, affordable and fun daily way of life.