Perfect Pearl Powder

Perfect Pearl Powder


Perfect Pearl Powder comes from Mother of Pearl, also known as pearl nacre, the beneficial biomass that gives birth to each precious, pearly gem. This biomass contains the same nutrients and compounds as the pearl itself, making it a more affordable alternative to crushed pearls with exactly the same benefits. Pearl nacre is packed with nourishing lipids, proteins, and amino acids, all of which are effortlessly absorbed and utilized by the skin. Pearl powder is said to regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production, clear blemishes, even skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin’s radiance.
Perfect Pearl Powder is a pristine, deep sea-dream for polished skin and pearly whites. Created from nourishing pearl nacre sourced from deep in the South Seas, this ancient ingredient is used to infuse skin and teeth with beneficial amino acids, lipids, and proteins. When combined with the prebiotic power of chicory root, the awesome alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate, and the antioxidant impact of pure rosemary, our Perfect Pearl Powder promises radiant skin and a fortified grin.
>1. Use a dash Perfect Pearl Powder in combination with pure water, any of the Best Skin Evers, or Frankincense Honey Mask to create a smoothing, strengthening facial mask.

2. Perfect Pearl Powder also makes a wonderful addition to your tooth-brushing regimen – simply add to any of the oral serums to polish your pearly whites.

3. Extra Exfoliation: add a dash to a damp facecloth and a squirt of Best Skin Ever to boost this gentle method of cleansing.

4. Acne, Blemish, Spot & Scar Treatment: add one drop of a DewDab to a pinch of Perfect Pearl Powder apply to area and leave on for as long as possible, or overnight. Dewdab for hyperpigmentation, Jewel Dab for scars, Zippity DewDab for Acne.

5. Combine a squirt of a Best Skin Ever or Serum with a dash of Perfect Pearl Powder and massage into face to cleanse and revive. Rinse. Apply one squirt of serum to moisturize.

6. Combine a squirt of a Best Skin Ever or Serum with two pinches of Perfect Pearl Powder and apply to face as a mask to deeply rejuvenate skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes. Rinse. Apply one squirt of serum to moisturize.

7. Add a tiny pinch to your toothbrush with one drop of Tooth Serum (Yogi, Mint & Myrrh, or Happy Gum Drops) and brush teeth for two minutes.

8. Add one pinch to one teaspoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes of Oil Pulling.

All Organic Ingredients:
Pearl powder – Our precious pearl powder is obtained from the pearl nacre of 4-year old Pinctada maxima oysters who live in and around the Eastern Archipelago of Indonesia’s South Seas. Within the tissues and shell surrounding each perfect pearl are nourishing compounds that fortify and strengthen the pearl just as they fortify and strengthen human skin and teeth. More than a dozen different amino acids plus proteins, calcium, and lipids are effortlessly absorbed by the skin thanks to unparalleled bio-availability. Pearl powder is an ancient Eastern beauty remedy celebrated to regenerate skin cells, dim dark spots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen teeth, clear blemishes, and slow the signs of aging. Each batch is tested to be clear of any heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, and lead.

Chicory root – Chicory root boasts an abundance of action for skin and oral care. This ancient Greek remedy has also been shown to have prebiotic actions on the skin, supporting healthy flora.

Sodium bicarbonate – Striving for an alkaline balance is important both inside and outside the body. Also referred to as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is significantly less abrasive than commercial toothpastes, highly alkaline, and a natural whitening agent. For the skin it is the gentlest of exfloliators especially when combine with pearl powder.

Rosemary Supercritical Extract – This supercritical extract harnesses the antioxidant superpowers of pure rosemary, one of history’s most popular skin treatments. Rosemary contains a variety of compounds commonly used to protect skin cells and enhance the skin cell’s ability to regenerate itself, including camphor, rosmaridiphenol, and carnosic-acid. Rosemary is also said to stimulate the skin cells and improve the skin’s metabolism.

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
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