Pepin Olla Pepin – Celestine Blue (1 pc)
Pepin Olla Pepin – Celestine Blue showing in planter pot


Olla Pepin – Celestine Blue

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A natural water reservoir to be inserted alongside the plants, the Olla Pepin gradually and independently diffuses the water it contains for simple and ecological watering.

*Measures approx.: 6.5" x 3.35" 


Ollas (or Oyas) is a traditional, natural way to save water, save time and grow better plants.

It's a porous terracotta pot you bury in your planter and you fill with water. Moisture seeps out slowly through the walls to water your plants right at the roots.

Over time the roots attach themselves to the outside of the Olla and draw water out as they need it. Your plant will take just what she needs—no more, no less. Easy !


Bury into the soil, fill with water and watch your plants thrive!

Brand Info

A young brand that creates simple and beautiful ways to bring some nature to your home!

Ollas are a traditional and natural way to water your plants that helps you save water, save time and take care of your houseplants the easy way! No need to wonder when to water your plants, just fill your Olla and she'll do the rest. Pepin designed sustainable and hand-made products, made with love. All products are made in Europe by craftsman and women who are passionate about their art. Only natural and recyclable materials are used, from production to packaging.
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