People I’ve Loved How to Heal Heartbreak Booklet (front cover)
People I’ve Loved How to Heal Heartbreak Booklet (back cover)

People I've Loved

How to Heal Heartbreak Booklet

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Stories of sadness, rituals, and food.

What was the most heartbroken you've ever been? How did you get through it?

This book offers a gentle guide for connecting to your senses, your taste buds, your memories, your heart, and your whole body—even when it hurts. With recipes, rituals, drawings, and writing exercises, this book is a chance to move through the pain and loneliness of a breakup.

--by Vera Kachouh & Carissa Potter


Process: Booklet is Letter-pressed by hand on archival-quality card stock.
- 76 pages.
- Booklet measures 5 1/4" Wide x 7 3/4" High - Made in USA

Brand Info

The company is made up of a few human beings longing for connection / a small printmaking workshop based out of Oakland, California. They specialize in hand-printed & assembled objects, and they're blessed to be able to make them in a small studio by an Oakland farmhouse with a lemon tree. People I've Loved 's works (or pressing issues) intend to facilitate the communication between real, tactile people. Not that they want to deny people their digital selves, they just think there can be room for both.
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