PEACE & QUIET - 27 mm spheres

PEACE & QUIET - 27 mm spheres

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calming • anxiety reducer • encourages relaxation

Aromatherapy~infused massage balls, infused with pure lavender essential oil. Great for travel, work, home spa, yoga or fitness.

Two T Spheres
3ml refresher spray
Instructional pamphlet
Portable jute drawstring bag
• For the constant traveler - Relieves jet lag and flight anxiety naturally.
• Desk-side at work - Mental fatigue remedy.
• Sinus and allergy symptoms relief.
• Headache and migraine relief.
• Carpal tunnel and arthritis relief.
• Low back pain and Sciatica relief - Use on trigger points in the pain area.
• Tweens and teens - Helps them deal with anxiety and eases teenage hormonal shifts.

T Spheres vary in color due to each production using a new supply of essential oil and jojoba. T Spheres uses no binders or additives and oils in refresher spray may separate or solidify from temperature changes.
Double-purified rubber compound
Lavender essential oil
Oil in refresher spray has same essential oils in Organic Jojoba base
* Latex free product
* Patent pending

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.