Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS
Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS
Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS

Paul & Joe Beaute

Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS

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With a new and improved slim shape, Paul & Joe offers three limited edition, hard-wearing and structured paper cases to customize their beloved Paul & Joe lipstick refills. The fall collection cases come in three diverse prints, ideal for any Paul & Joe lover.

040 -  Earthy hues and blooming florals perfect to house a favorite lipstick for fall.
041 -  It’s no secret Paul & Joe has a thing for cats. Feel tickled pink to house a Paul & Joe lipstick in this friendly feline case.
042 -  Release your inner tiger and transport to the jungle with this mysterious Paul & Joe case.
043 - Adorable cat faces on a pale pink background - adorable any time!
044 - Cheerful flowers will brighten your day
045 - Cherished cat portrait is elegant and wistful.

Click here for Lipstick Colors - sold separately. These cases fit ONLY New Lipstick Refills.


Please note: Lipstick Refills are sold separately and no lipstick color is included with Lipstick Case CS.


Simply choose a Paul & Joe lipstick refill and pop it into one of the adorable Lipstick Case CS’s to create a beauty style that is entirely unique.

Brand Info

Injecting all the Parisian charm of her fashion collection into her cosmetics range, Sophie Mechaly's adorable limited edition collections feature prints from her seasonal fashion line. Expect to find high-quality, innovative skincare and color cosmetics in a selection of sophisticated, wearable shades - all with a touch of whimsical Parisian je ne sais quoi.
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