Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS (062)
Paul & Joe Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS (062) pictured with lipstick refill (sold separately)

Paul & Joe Beaute

Limited Edition Lipstick Case CS (062)

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A retro-chic tropical design.

Let your individuality shine with the new Lipstick Case CS. 

Compatible with any Paul & Joe Beauté Lipstick N, Treatment Lipstick, or Pearl Lipstick refill.

Click here for Lipstick Colors - sold separately. 


The limited edition cases add flare to your makeup bag, purse, or vanity, and are refillable; so you can use them time and time again as your favorite shades evolve. Explore the creative side of the brand while expressing your personal taste.

Please note: Lipstick Refills are sold separately and no lipstick color is included with Lipstick Case CS.


Insert the lipstick (sold separately) into the dedicated case and push until it clicks into place. Remove the cover and attach the cap or apply color by swiping over the lips.

Brand Info

Injecting all the Parisian charm of her fashion collection into her cosmetics range, Sophie Mechaly's adorable limited edition collections feature prints from her seasonal fashion line. Expect to find high-quality, innovative skincare and color cosmetics in a selection of sophisticated, wearable shades - all with a touch of whimsical Parisian je ne sais quoi.
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