Paper Shuttle Sun Dance Bandana (1 pc) fully open
Paper Shuttle Sun Dance Bandana close-up of detail

Paper Shuttle

Sun Dance Bandana

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The Sun Dance Bandana is rich with symbolism and evokes its own mythology. This piece takes you away from reality into a realm of fantasy and wonder.

Measures 22" x 22"


Color: golden yellow and natural white background.
Made in small batches.

Ingredients + Benefits

100% Cotton

Brand Info

Michael is an illustrator and printmaker based in Providence, Rhode Island. Paper Shuttle was conceived with the intention of creating a line of beautifully crafted goods that tell obscure and strange stories. Inspired by mythology, folk lore and fairytales, each piece celebrates iconic stories and sheds new light on lesser-known ones. Like walking into a curio shop, you'll find artifacts that both dazzle and disturb you, but keep you intrigued for more.
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